A 50-year-old woman, jailed in the East Bay since November, is facing a revocation of her parole over alleged criminal threats against judges, district attorneys, and others made since her last release.

The woman's legal name has not been given in this East Bay Times report on the latest case, apparently because, during her last case and trial, she said she had rejected her "government name" and instead wanted to be known by the name Love.

Love, as we'll call her, was convicted for burglary in 2017, stemming from an incident involving her mother's boyfriend. Per the East Bay Times, while the ultimate charge was just burglary, and she only served five years, there was an initial allegation of attempted murder connected to the crime, and one man ended up dead.

Love had allegedly stabbed her mother's boyfriend in the abdomen, and he later died from complications of a kidney injury and infection that authorities said stemmed from the stabbing.

In the case, Love was reportedly declared mentally incompetent to stand trial, and was apparently restored to competency before the trial proceeded.

Following her 2022 release from jail, Love apparently spent some time making threats against "judges, district attorneys, government officials, Alameda County Sheriff deputies, parole agents and family members," according to court documents obtained by the East Bay Times. These threats amount to a parole violation, prosecutors say.

Love allegedly wrote two letters to an inmate at Santa Rita Jail in October, and in one, she allegedly made threats against Alameda County Sheriff's deputy Sadie Divine.

She also allegedly wrote, "Also, I have to go kill my mom and so-called brother for all the years they raped me and destroyed my life because MONSTERS are violating my constitutional rights."

Love has been back at Santa Rita Jail since November 30, and she'll return to court Friday for a hearing about revoking her parole over the violation.

Photo: Emiliano Bar