We kid you not, former SF mayor Willie Brown is now selling his clothes on Goodwill, and you can own Da Mayor’s old clothes. There aren't any fedoras on sale, but you can buy one of his puffy Patagonia vests, and… his old coat hangers?

Willie Brown ended his tenure/reign as San Francisco mayor back in 2004, but he’s never gone away, and some say he will never stop being mayor. Whether he’s been holding court at those free Election Day lunches, writing that ethically dubious weekly Chronicle column, getting a bridge named after him, or evangelizing the deliciousness of a Subway sandwich, Da Mayor has remained a constant on the San Francisco scene, generally with a much younger lady friend in tow and donning top-notch Wilkes-Bashford men’s apparel.  

And now some of Willie’s men’s apparel can be yours. SFNews nearly choked on our six-inch when we discovered that some of Willie Brown's old clothes are now for sale, via what appears to be a fundraiser for Goodwill San Francisco Bay.

“We are ecstatic to have received a donation from the legendary former Mayor of San Francisco, Willie Brown!” Goodwill San Francisco Bay says in a Wednesday Instagram post. “Own a Willie Brown fashion piece by shopping the exclusive collection available online, while supplies last!”

It’s called the Willie Brown Collection, but the clothes are not for sale on the rack at your local Goodwill. They’re up for bid on eBay. And eBay is a pretty standard platform for charitable bidding fundraisers. The longtime Glide auction for lunch with Warren Buffett (which this year will be an auction for lunch with Marc Benioff) is also handled on eBay.

So what sweet threads are for sale in the Willie Brown Collection? Let's dive in!

Screenshot via eBay

This stuff is shockingly affordable, at least by Willie Brown standards, with items ranging from a $338 cashmere button-up shirt to Willie’s custom Nash Bridges jacket for just $34.99. (These are bids, so the prices may go up.) And one of Willie’s puffy Patagonia vests is at a bid of just $37, though it's obviously just discarded promotional schwag from a pharmaceutical company that tried to buy him off.

Screenshot via eBay

And we cannot believe Willie would actually part with this incredibly tacky commemorative hoodie for the Bay Bridge being named for him, for the low price of just $37. He must have like 50 of them.

Screenshot via eBay

Honestly, look at some of the ridiculous detail on this hoodie!

Screenshot via eBay

And yes, he is also selling some of his coat hangers in this sale. But some of those are Wilkes-Bashford coat hangers, with the fake gold writing and everything.

This is apparently not the first time Willie Brown has sold some of his old clothes in a Goodwill fundraiser — he did it back in 2021 as well. So maybe this latest batch of items just doesn’t fit anymore, or maybe his new sidepiece doesn’t like them.

So yes it’s great that Willie Brown is doing a charitable turn for Goodwill, but he’s still no angel. Shortly after President Biden took office, Brown teamed up to start a political consulting firm with some veterans of a pro-Trump super PAC, and apparently that's what Brown is doing these days. In San Francisco, that’s the sort of thing that burn a lot of good will.

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Image: Former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown introduces James Brown at "Fogg Fest" at Fort Mason on August 20, 2006 in San Francisco, California. (Photo by Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images