A local comedian is opening a new comedy club this spring in a former dive bar space near Market and Van Ness in San Francisco, and it will be called The Function.

Comedian Stroy Moyd announced on Instagram that he has signed a lease for 1414 Market Street, a space that formerly housed the dive bar The Hot Spot, for what he calls "a comedy club, night club, and cocktail lounge." And he's planning to get open pretty quickly, with a target date of May 1.

"This achievement has been 18 years in the making," Moyd says. "Numerous venues have raked in significant profits, selling drinks and food to the audiences I’ve drawn in. Now, it’s my turn to take charge and be the one profiting from food, drinks, and tickets (of course, with a touch of humor) lol."

BrokeAss Stuart spoke to Moyd, who has been organizing the Hella Funny comedy shows in SF and Oakland for years — Hella Funny currently happens on Fridays and Saturdays at Mayes Oyster House on Polk Street.

Moyd says the plan is to move most of Hella Funny's shows to The Function, producing two shows per night, seven nights a week. "We will still keep our shows at the cannabis clubs, strip club shows and Cobbs [Comedy Club] and [The] Battery."

But that's not all. In the announcement, Moyd says, in addition to comedy, "Get ready for DJ parties, dance nights, art exhibitions... silent discos, and more."

Moyd is bringing in the designer from Bar Fluxus, and he says this won't end up being another dive bar like it was before, "more of a comedy club that turns into a fancy cocktail lounge." Moyd says that the cocktails will rotate with monthly-changing themes — and he suggests the first theme in May will be "A Taste of Maui" with tiki-themed drinks.

And, he tells BrokeAss Stuart, "My goal is to showcase the diversity of comedic talent in the Bay. White, Black, gay, nonbinary, Egyptian, Christian, trans, Palestinian, and more!  Everyone is welcome."

There appears to be a full liquor license attached to the venue, but it's not clear if that is being transferred. And May 1 sounds like an ambitious turnaround for buildout and permits, but maybe not!

Stay tuned.