The Garlic Shoppe, a recognizable pitstop for thousands of travelers who relish in the unique garlic-themed offerings at the busy crossroads of Highway 101 and State Route 25 in Gilroy, is being uprooted from its long-time home.

The abrupt move was mandated by the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Agency (VTA), which, under eminent domain, acquired the property to build a new intersection at the location, per KSBW.

It’s reportedly part of a nearly $140 million project to replace Highway 25's two-lane over-crossing with a four-lane over-crossing over Highway 101, increase the length of Highway 101 off-ramp, upgrade traffic signals, and add bike lanes.  The VTA fast-tracked the project at the beginning of this year, according to the Chronicle. And when it did, the Garlic Shoppe location came under fire because it in particular has a higher-than-average rate of accidents.

The owners, brothers Alex and Charlie Larson, told KSBW that they found out days before they were required to move. As Charlie told the outlet, “We've been here for 39 years. Alex is 62, and I'm 63. We are planning to retire a few we have to basically start all over again."

The Garlic Shoppe is apparently planning to migrate to its sister winery, Rapazzini Winery, just down the street. The Larson brothers say they will continue selling their garlic-infused products there until the end of the year, when they'll hopefully be able to find a new permanent home for the store.

Feature image via Google Street View.