More rain is on the way this Valentine's Day, and with a few breaks in between, it's basically going to drizzle or rain all the way into next week, with some more wind on the way as well.

You may have been getting comfortable with this balmy, Fool's Spring weather we've been having. But little did you know, Second Winter is upon us.

Fool's Spring and Spring of Deception being what they are, we might have already had both and are headed into 3rd Winter — who can say?!

But for my money, we are just about in 2nd Winter, and we still have a third to look forward to before Actual Spring arrives and stays awhile.

The rain should be starting any minute now (by about 11 am Wednesday), and will continue into early Thursday.

"In addition to rain, today's cold frontal passage will bring gusty southerly winds," the National Weather Service tells us on Xitter. "Luckily they will be short-lived and not overly strong, but a heads up that it'll get windy this afternoon!"

The first system should pass through by about 5 am Thursday, giving way to our first break in the rain that will last into Friday.

A winter storm warning has been issued for the Sierra, where up to two feet of snow is forecast above elevations of 6,000 feet, and up to a foot between 5,000 and 6,000 feet.

The next two systems will bring "moderate to heavy rain and gusty winds" according to KRON4, but these systems will not be as strong or as wet as the most recent round we had the weekend before last.

The second round of rain will begin either late Friday night or early Saturday, depending on your location.

"If Wednesday’s system is the appetizer, Saturday’s storm will be the soup served before the main course," says Chronicle meteorologist Anthony Edwards. And that means Sunday night will bring the most significant rains, and multiple feet of snow in the Sierra.

So, your opportunities for outdoor time, such as they are, will be on Thursday, Friday, and Sunday, primarily, with the biggest storm system likely to hit around 10 p.m. Sunday.