The California Bureau of Firearms raided a home in the East Bay city of Richmond, and arrested a man for having nearly 250 guns and a million rounds of ammunition. And for good measure, the fellow had already been prohibited from owning weapons.

California Attorney General Rob Bonta announced on Thursday that the state’s Bureau of Firearms raided a home in Richmond, according to the Chronicle, a raid that actually happened back on January 31. And it turns out they had a very good reason to raid that home.

According to a state Department of Justice press release, the raid tuned up “approximately 11 military-style machine guns, 133 handguns, 37 rifles, 60 assault rifles, 7 shotguns, 20 silencers, 4 flare guns, 3,000 large capacity magazines, approximately one million rounds of miscellaneous caliber ammunition, and dozens of rifle receivers and pistol frames.”

On top of all that, the state also alleges the man had also been previously prohibited from owning weapons. The suspect was not named in the release, nor were the charges he faces, but you can easily assume what several of these charges will be.  

“This arrest demonstrates exactly why the Armed and Prohibited Persons System is vital for the safety of our communities,” Bonta said in the press release. “In our efforts to retrieve guns from a prohibited individual, we found hundreds of allegedly illegal weapons and approximately one million rounds of ammunition. I am grateful for our Bureau of Firearms agents’ and local law enforcement partners' work in getting these illegal weapons out of the hands of this prohibited individual.”

State officers also found several grenades during the search of the man's home. They called in the Walnut Creek Police Department Bomb Squad and Travis Air Force Base Bomb Squad, who determined that the grenades were inert.

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Image: State of California Department of Justice