Sunday night saw a particularly lawless sideshow, even for Vallejo, as a man was shot, a pickup truck was set on fire, and a 7-Eleven was ransacked and robbed of its beer and lottery scratchers.

Stunt-driving sideshows are a common weekend problem in the Bay Area, but are particularly problematic in the Solano County city of Vallejo, where participants tend to fire off gunshots and light vehicles on fire. And that was the case with another Sunday night sideshow in Vallejo, at which NBC Bay Area reports a man was shot, a pickup truck set on fire, and a 7-Eleven store was looted.

The above video segment from that station does not have footage of the sideshow, but rather security video from inside the 7-Eleven that was ransacked at the corner of Springs Road and Rollingwood Drive. The footage shows a man exiting the convenience store, but running back in apparently to escape assaulters. At least three individuals run into the store and attack him, though they quickly lose interest, becoming more intrigued by the notion of how much stuff they can steal from the 7-Eleven. About a dozen people eventually partake in the looting, grabbing cases of beer and strips of lottery scratcher tickets.

NBC Bay Area adds that the pickup trick that was set on fire is believed to belong to the man who was assaulted in the convenience store. The Vallejo Police Department tells NBC Bay Area there have been no arrests “at this point.”

Vallejo has stepped up its efforts to crack down on sideshows, seizing vehicles and adding physical deterrents to the streets. The Vallejo Times Herald reported in November that the city installed “striping, delineators, signs and modular curbs at 16 intersections known to be common sideshow locations,” but that was not enough to stop this one.    

As an aside, NBC Bay Area’s Kris Sanchez notes in that report that “When those [lottery] scratchers are stolen, immediately the store has a back number on those. They notify the lottery office, so they’re basically worthless.”

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Image: Joe Kukura, SFNews