SF Supervisor Myrna Melgar organized a special hearing with PG&E Monday for residents of her district frustrated with the fact that they've experienced multiple power outages so far this year.

The hearing was held to discuss how a minority of San Francisco residents have seen major and extended impacts from power outages in the first two months of the year — some of them, seemingly, not weather-related.

"Less than two months, four outages," said one resident at the meeting, per KPIX. "Last year there were three. The year before there were five."

Melgar said the most frequent outages seemed to be concentrated around West Portal, Mount Davidson, and along Casitas Avenue, east of Saint Francis Wood.

During one late January storm, on January 25, around 10,000 PG&E customers were impacted by an outage in westside neighborhoods, including wide swaths of the Sunset District.

"You are a company that provides a product and services but you're also a utility," Melgar said at the meeting, per KPIX. "It's just essential, I mean people can't survive, some people are in a very vulnerable situation."

The PG&E official present didn't offer much in the way of explanation, other than to say aging equipment in these neighborhoods needs fixing — and Melgar pressed them on a timeline for this.

The PG&E rep also stressed that the company generally addressed outages in less than 12 hours.

"Twenty-two percent [of outages] were five minutes or less, and in terms of 12-plus hours it's 4 percent. Everything in the middle is between five minutes and 12 hours, that's 74 percent," the rep, who KPIX did not identify, said.

KPIX has video of the hearing, which you can view below.