Rep. Katie Porter was at Manny’s barnstorming for votes Sunday, while Rep. Adam Schiff was across town at Dogpatch’s the Pearl, as their primary race for Dianne Feinstein’s former Senate seat looms Tuesday.

Tomorrow is your March 5 California Primary Election, and the race for Dianne Feinstein’s former Senate seat is the most competitive Senate election that state has seen in decades. But a funny thing happened on the way to a Democratic royal rumble for the seat, as Republican and former LA Dodgers baseball player Steve Garvey jumped into the race.

The leading candidate in the polls, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Pasadena), then ran ads featuring Garvey in hopes of building Garvey’s profile, as a tactic to muscle out his more feared rival Rep. Katie Porter (D-Orange County), as the top two candidates in Tuesday’s primary vote will move on to the November 5 elections.

Schiff’s gambit may have worked too well. A new poll released Friday shows Garvey very slightly in first place, at 27%-25% over Schiff, with Porter way back at 19%. This despite the fact that Garvey is hardly even campaigning for the seat.

It is against this backdrop that both Porter and Schiff came stumping for last-minute votes in San Francisco Sunday night, according to NBC Bay Area. Schiff’s campaign event was at a Dogpatch event space called the Pearl (with Nancy Pelosi on hand, and hmmm, is that probable mayoral candidate Aaron Peskin with him?), while Porter did a more modest, grassroots kind of event at the Mission District spot Manny’s.

And as a separate NBC Bay Area reports points out, turnout is looking likely to be low, with an average of only 10% of early voting ballots having come in thus far across the Bay Area.

Porter says she sees an advantage in that.

"I think every pollster would tell you low turnout elections are surprising," she told KGO for their report on the campaign appearances. "Look, I have won before when the polls had me down at this point, and so I have done this before and pulled it out. I think it will take time for every last vote to be counted."

Meanwhile, fourth-place candidate Barbara Lee (last seen polling at 8%) spent the weekend campaigning in Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego, per NBC Bay Area.

And where was Steve Garvey? That NBC Bay Area report notes they “asked Garvey's campaign about what campaign events he was involved with this weekend, but a representative did not provide an answer.”

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Images: (Left) @AdamSchiff, (Right) @katieporteroc, via Twitter