The snowfall totals are in for this past weekend's blizzard up in Tahoe. And while it sounds like major records were not broken, it was still a whole ton of snow that no one knows what to do with — except the ski resorts.

Interstate 80 reopened late Monday morning after being closed to traffic since Friday, with Caltrans' mega-freeway-sized snowblowers finally able to cut through the multiple feet of snow on the roadways.

UC Berkeley's Sierra Snow Lab had said last week that this blizzard, given the dire forecasts, stood a chance of breaking its daily snowfall measurement records. The snowiest day on record at the lab was February 3, 1989, when 52 inches fell in a single day.

The biggest one-day total of the weekend was recorded Sunday morning, March 3, at the lab, and that was just 23.8 inches — so, still fairly far off the record books, with the 10th snowiest day recorded at 39 inches. But the lab still saw a total of around 6 feet of snow fall over the course of the storm, or 75.2 inches, bringing them to their seasonal peak snowpack — and bringing most of the state up to or above historic averages for snow-water equivalent accumulations.

The Northern Sierra stands at 111% of its average snow-water equivalent for the snowpack. Compare that to last week, before this blizzard, when it was at 91%.

For the Central and Southern Sierra, the figure hit 94%, up from 77% earlier in the week.

But at higher elevations, the totals were even more impressive — if not hitting the 12 and 13 feet that some forecasts had predicted. Palisades Tahoe recorded 96 inches as of Monday morning, with Homewood resort recording 98 inches.

As KTVU reports, Sugar Bowl resort had the highest overal total with 10 feet, or 120 inches of new snow, and Boreal came in second with 9.9 feet.

The Tahoe area residents and those who have been happily snowbound up there all weekend are getting to enjoy some of that fresh powder today, though Palisades warned that ongoing wind conditions would keep many of its chairlifts closed on Monday.

Here's a video of a UC Berkeley Sierra Snow Lab employee doing a snow angel on Friday while going out to take Friday's measurement:

Photo via UC Berkeley Sierra Snow Lab/X