Things look potentially dicey for another of restaurateur Anna Weinberg's businesses, after it received an eviction notice last week and appears to have narrowly staved off that eviction, at least for now.

Following the closure of Park Tavern in North Beach last fall, we learned that Weinberg was in a legal battle with a former business partner, David Stanton, that dates back to January 2023. Stanton filed suit against Weinberg for $800,000, which he said was owed to him as part of a 2021 buyout agreement for his share of Park Tavern.

The SF Business Times noted at the time that Weinberg had put up her shares in Leo's Oyster Bar and Tosca Cafe as collateral in the agreement, and Stanton was now seeking those in compensation. A court already ruled against Weinberg, who has denied all of Stanton's allegations, and this subsequently led to an eviction notice going up at Park Tavern in late October, and the ultimate closure.

It should be noted, the Park Tavern liquor license, which expires in May, has both Weinberg's and Stanton's name still on it.

As the Business Times reports today, Leo's Oyster Bar has now been served with an unlawful detainer lawsuit from its landlord seeking $100,000 in back rent. But, the landlord subsequently, quickly filed a notice of conditional settlement for the rent — and an attorney for the restaurant confirmed to the Business Times that the restaurant remains open on weekdays from late afternoon to evening.

That is good to know, given that the restaurant's website went offline some time ago, and the Leo's Instagram account hasn't had a new post for nearly a year — but they are still live on OpenTable.

Weinberg has yet to comment publicly about the matter.

Update: Weinberg spoke to Tablehopper saying that she won a motion on January 29, 2024 to vacate the $800,000 default judgement against her from last year.

*This post has been corrected to show that the Leo's Oyster Bar lease is not connected with the company formerly owned by Weinberg and ex-husband James Nicholas.