In what seems like celebrity bingo gone haywire, Ayesha Curry co-stars with Lindsay Lohan in an upcoming movie, and the Currys are now godparents to Lohan’s eight-month-old son — and somehow celebrity chef Michael Mina is caught up in all this too.

The Chronicle has a very nice story today about how how restaurateur, TV host, and Warrior wife Ayesha Curry is pregnant with their fourth child, and is getting lots of congratulations for this. That article also contains the odd detail that Ayesha is in a new movie with Lindsay Lohan,  and that put us down a rabbit hole to find that the Currys are godparents to Lohan’s new eight-month-old son.

The trailer for the Lindsay Lohan-Ayesha Curry (straight-to-Netflix) movie Irish Wish is seen above. It’s seemingly some kind Freaky Friday-style surreal wish movie timed to release near St. Patrick’s Day. Ayesha Curry shows up at the 2:05 mark of the trailer, gives a few confused glances, and presumably collects her paycheck after the camera cuts.

As mentioned, Lohan herself has a baby now. She went on The Tonight Show this week, and Jimmy Fallon showed a picture of Steph Curry autographing a jersey to Lohan and her financier husband Bader Shammas that reads “Your godparents love you.”

And yes, as Lohan confirms, Steph and Ayesha Curry are godparents to her son Luai. How on earth did this happen?

“My husband knows Michael Mina, the chef, and we were in Dubai,” Lohan explained. “And Michael Mina kept saying to Bader, ‘You need to introduce Lindsey and Ayesha. I need them to meet.” Lohan did not elaborate much further on this friendship origin story.

But there you go. If it does anything for you, Irish Wish premieres on Netflix next Friday, March 15.

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Image: Netflix