The much anticipated new mid-Market food hall from IKEA's mall outfit Ingka Centres is almost set to open, and we now have the fully fleshed-out details of what you'll find inside.

Since it was first announced last year, Saluhall, the food hall in the IKEA-anchored Meeting Place on San Francisco's Market Street, has been billed as a new model for the thing that we used to call a food court.

Ingka Centres promised that the food vendors would "subscribe to a manifesto and guiding principles that favour plant-based options, regenerative agriculture, [and] seasonal and local ingredients," but that the offerings would also "reflect the four cornerstones of Nordic street food – bakery, beer, burgers and ice-cream — updating them to match local tastes and modern sensibilities."

Now, Saluhall is getting ready to open in mid-April, and we know the full roster of vendors. Curated by British firm Kerb, which created a popular food hall in London called Seven Dials Market, SF's Saluhall will be home to several bars, a cooking school, an all-day bakery cafe, and a plethora of global food items that lean heavily toward vegan options.

"Saluhall originates as a Swedish brand, opening for the first time in the USA, with a very regional Californian, multicultural group of chefs and food makers," says Elise Von Hellion, Kerb's managing director Saluhall. "The concept was born from a Swedish company engaging a Copenhagen bakery, UK food hall experts, who brought in an Aussie managing director and amazing SF Bay team with extensive history in the food scene. We bring together this mix of cultures and perspectives with the goal of creating an inclusive, open and warm atmosphere."

Rendering of Saluhall via Ingka Centres

There will be an in-house vendor called Burgare Bar serving plant-based burgers, another serving plant-based soft-serve ice cream, as the company explains. And Kerb tapped five local food vendors to join Saluhall: Oakland vegan taco outfit Taqueria la Venganza; vegan Puerto Rican restaurant Casa Borinquena, also out of Oakland; Indian fusion chain Curry Up Now; Algerian food stand Kayma, which is relocating from La Cocina's short-lived Tenderloin food hall; and Asian noodle food truck Momo Noodle.

Three of the vendors, Momo Noodle, Kayma and Curry Up Now, will offer food for carnivores as well as dairy products, while the other two are strictly vegan.

Inside the IKEA store in Meeting Place, the restaurant serves both traditional Swedish meatballs and vegetarian balls.

There are two bars in Saluhall, including a cocktail bar called Punsch Bar which also has a more intimate side to it dubbed Sauna; and a beer bar called Lagom Bar, that will feature an exclusive Nordic-style beer being made by Fort Point Beer Co.

The cooking school, dubbed Cooking Skola, will be in the center of Saluhall, offering regular group classes and private lessons.

And the bakery-restaurant component, called Smörgåsland, will be run by chef Mathias Andersen, who opened a now-closed Nordic food hall in New York's Grand Central Terminal with Noma co-founder Claus Meyer. It was previously reported last September that Meyer would be leading the bakery in Saluhall, but Ingka Centres now says that Meyer's company only consulted on the project.

Smörgåsland will offer Swedish pastries and breads, and be open for breakfast hours, and during the day will serve a "Scandinavian-inspired" menu that leans toward vegan and vegetarian offerings, with full meals available.

In total, Saluhall will have 45o seats across 11 different food and beverage areas.

"I’m excited by the scale and ambition of Saluhall — it really is an amazing space to come and eat and drink in the heart of San Francisco," says Kerb co-founder Ian Dodds. "We believe from the brilliant local vendors to the in-house bakery, burger bar and bar offers, we have a landmark location to breathe life into Market Street."

Dodds adds, "We believe in democratic eating and have developed a range of experiences and price points to encourage a wide variety of uses, attract a broad spread of locals, and keep them coming back for more."

All told, it's an exciting prospect to have a new food hall that will be a destination in itself, apart from IKEA. (In related news, in case you're in the market for some inexpensive furniture, IKEA announced it's cutting prices on items worldwide.)

The rest of the six-story Meeting Place has not been fully occupied, apart from the coworking space on the top floor Hej! Workshop, which opened in January. We learned way back in 2022 that upscale mini-golf/bar chain The Puttery was interested in one of the spaces, but haven't heard anything about that since.

Ingka Centres has previously indicated that it was taking its time identifying just the right tenant mix for the complex.

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