On Friday, the San Francisco Superior Court handed down a sentence of five years of probation and intensive supervision programs to Daniel Cauich, the man behind the brutal stabbing of 94-year-old Anh “Peng” Taylor in June 2021.

SF Superior Court Judge Kay Tsenin delivered the ruling, despite objections from the prosecution under DA Brooke Jenkins, which had sought a 12-year jail term for Cauich, citing the severity and senselessness of the attack, per the Standard.

Surveillance footage captured the chilling assault, which occurred in broad daylight in the city’s Lower Nob Hill neighborhood while Peng was out on a walk, during a period marked by a spate of attacks on Asian Americans.

Cauich was also facing burglary charges in a separate case at the time of his arrest, as we reported at the time. He pleaded guilty to multiple charges related to the stabbing that were brought by then-DA Chesa Boudin. However, his defense attorney, Lisa DewBerry, told the Standard that underlying mental health issues and trauma had contributed to his actions and that Cauich "cried" when he learned what he did.

During sentencing, Judge Tsenin emphasized the importance of rehabilitation and intensive supervision for Cauich, ordering him to undergo strict behavioral and mental health treatment programs, according to the Standard. Court records revealed Cauich’s history of trauma, brain injuries, and substance use disorder.

Still, the softball decision elicited mixed reactions. While DewBerry defended the sentence as a chance for Cauich to address his underlying issues and reintegrate into society, Assistant District Attorney Phoebe Maffei reportedly vehemently opposed the ruling, deeming Cauich a danger to the community. The victim’s family also expressed disappointment with the outcome — they said they moved Peng into an assisted living home after she survived the attack. She's now 97.

Top image: 2016 mugshot of Daniel Cauich via SF Sheriff's Department