Republicans in Congress are expanding their probe of alleged antisemitism in the ranks of higher education to now include UC Berkeley, after a late February lecture was disrupted by protesters.

It’s difficult to take the recent Congressional Republican crusade against antisemitism on college campuses seriously, considering we didn’t hear a peep from these same Republicans over the 2017 “Jews will not replace us” rally in Charlottesville at the University of Virginia campus. (The one where then-President Trump said the demonstrators were “very fine people.”)

But the congressional probes have recently targeted MIT and Harvard for supposedly enabling campus antisemitism, likely in an attempt to drive further wedges into the Israel-Gaza conflict discourse at a time when the activist set is keen to label anyone with an opinion as being either “pro-genocide” or “antisemitic.” Now CNN reports that UC Berkeley is being probed as well, with Congressional Republicans demanding documentation of the university’s responses to alleged antisemitic incidents.

The main incident in question here is a February 26 incident where pro-Palestine protesters shut down a planned lecture by Israeli lawyer Ran Bar-Yoshafat. NBC Bay Area has some video from the incident above, where a window at Zellerbach Playhouse is broken. The Chronicle also had an unsubstantiated report that protesters harassed “a sophomore who tried to attend the event, called him a ‘dirty Jew’ and spat on him.” Though by Berkeley protest standards, we’ve seen far more violent things do down.

It will of course get very little coverage that Bar-Yoshafat did give his rescheduled speech Monday night, and it went off without incident.

But Congressional Republicans, savoring a high-profile takedown of the liberal university, are licking their chops. “We have grave concerns regarding the inadequacy of UC Berkeley’s response to antisemitism on its campus,” Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-NC) says in a letter to the school. “Several recent incidents have been particularly troubling.” Foxx mentions the above-referenced Bar-Yoshafat lecture, and a pattern of pro-Palestine demonstrators blocking Sather Gate.

For their part, UC Berkeley said in a statement to CNN that, “UC Berkeley has long been committed to confronting antisemitism, and to supporting the needs and interests of its Jewish students, faculty, and staff.”

The letter from the House Education and Workforce Committee gives the school until April 2 to produce, in the words of CNN, “reports on antisemitic incidents since early 2021; disciplinary action; minutes from meetings of UC leaders; and information on foreign donations.”

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Image: BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA - JULY 22: The U.C. Berkeley campus sits empty on July 22, 2020 in Berkeley, California. U.C. Berkeley announced plans on Tuesday to move to online education for the start of the school's fall semester due to the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)