The spoiler third-party presidential campaign of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. now has a running mate from the Bay Area: Silicon Valley lawyer and previous Democratic donor Nicole Shanahan.

Shanahan, 38, who was previously married to Google co-founder Sergey Brin, has reportedly given $4.5 million to PACs supporting RFK Jr. so far, per the New York Times, including the $4 million to bankroll a Super Bowl ad for his campaign.

Shanahan previously told the Times that she first became "excited" by RFK Jr.'s candidacy last spring, while he was still seeking the Democratic nomination — in part because of his stance on vaccines. And out of loyalty to the Democratic party, she had pulled back her support last fall, she says, finding his third-party candidacy to be "divisive" and disappointing.

But, in January, just before paying for that Super Bowl ad, Shanahan says she came to find "almost like a secret society of individuals" who were backing him, and she was apparently swayed to renew her support.

Shanahan has reportedly been a big donor to environmental and health causes, which align her with RFK's own passions — and, apparently, the anti-vaxx thing, though Shanahan told the Times "I do wonder about vaccine injuries... [but I'm] not an anti-vaxxer.... I think there needs to be a space to have these conversations.”

Shanahan founded the private Bia-Echo Foundation, which funds projects focused on reproductive rights, criminal-justice reform, and the environment.

And now, she's been elevated to vice-presidential candidate, with the running-mate announcement made in Oakland Tuesday afternoon.

The announcement apparently came with a very lengthy preamble by Kennedy — as the Times notes, "Kennedy likes to talk."

In his introduction, Kennedy said that Shanahan "shared my passion for wholesome, healthy foods, chemical free... from good soils."

Once taking the stage, Shanahan reportedly spoke about her difficult childhood in Oakland, growing up on food stamps with a Chinese immigrant mother and a father who struggled with addiction and was often unemployed.

Shanahan's divorce from Brin, who last year was ranked as the ninth richest person in the world, was finalized last May.

The shortlist of candidates Kennedy was considering reportedly also included NFL star and fellow antivaxxer Aaron Rodgers, former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura, "Dirty Jobs" host Mike Rowe, and former presidential candidate Andrew Yang.

Never wanting to be called a spoiler, Kennedy said on Tuesday, per the Times, "If we can persuade enough Americans to vote out of hope, rather than out of fear, we are going to be in the White House."

Because of his array of maverick stances, analysts suggest that it remains unclear whether Kennedy would siphon more votes from Trump or Biden in a general election.

Top image: Nicole Shanahan, President of Bia-Echo Foundation, attends Gold House's Inaugural Gold Gala: A New Gold Age at Vibiana on May 21, 2022 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Gonzalo Marroquin/Getty Images for Gold House)