The steady stream of mechanical problems with Boeing jets on United Airlines continues, this time with a Thursday night flight to Paris that only made it as far as Denver, because of engine issues.

Another day, another United Airlines flight on a Boeing plane having troublesome mechanical problems coming from or going to San Francisco International Airport. This time, KRON4 brings us the news that a Thursday evening flight out of SFO that was bound for Paris was diverted to Denver because of engine issues. The plane landed there safely, and all 273 passengers and 12 crew members were able to deplane.

The craft was a Boeing 777-200, and while it had an engine issue, the flight did not declare an emergency landing. Emergency services were still standing by as a precaution.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said in a statement that “United Airlines Flight 990 landed safely at Denver International Airport around 10:55 p.m. local time on Thursday, March 28, after the crew reported a possible mechanical issue. The Boeing 777 departed from San Francisco International Airport and was headed to Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport in France. The FAA will investigate.”

But as for the passengers, it seems they’re still stuck in Denver as of Friday morning. KRON4’s 9:35 am Friday morning update said that “passengers are still waiting for their next available flight to Paris.” United is working with those customers to find other flight arrangements.

But oy, the problems United Airlines flights have been having at SFO these past six weeks. The most notorious incident was the tires falling off a jet and landing on cars in the parking lot on March 7. Two weeks before that, a piece of a wing flap tore off of a United flight that left SFO for Boston.

On March 8, a United Airbus jet from SFO to Mexico City had a hydraulic problem and was forced to land at LAX. Three days later, an SFO-bound United flight from Sydney, Australia had to turn back to Sydney over an unspecified "maintenance issue." And for good measure, just this past Saturday, a United flight from SFO bound for Denver had to turn back to SFO after the plane struck a bird.

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Image: Miguel Ángel Sanz via Unsplash