In yet another incident involving a United Airlines plane at SFO, a jet pulling into the gate Thursday night clipped the wing of another plane, causing the two planes to be temporarily stuck together.

The incident happened Thursday night around 10:30 pm, as the Chronicle reports. The offending jet, an Airbus 320, was United Flight 2181, arriving from Reno and continuing on to Fort Lauderdale, according to FlightAware.

The jet, while pulling in to Gate F3, reportedly clipped the wing of a plane at an adjacent gate. Unable to move after this, "A team of emergency personnel was required to separate the aircraft," per the Chronicle.

A witness who spoke to passengers disembarking the plane after the incident reported hearing that passengers were "getting thrown around" inside the plane while the two plane wings were being pulled apart.

No injuries were reported, and it's unclear whether one or both planes suffered significant damage.

This is the latest in a string of incidents, mostly involving what seem to be maintenance issues onboard Boeing-made jets belonging to United, many of these leaving or bound for SFO.

Over Easter weekend, a United flight bound for SFO out of Frankfurt, Germany had to turn around shortly after takeoff due to an overflowing lavatory toilet. Last week, a flight out of SFO had to make an emergency landing in Denver due to an engine problem. And in early March, an international United flight, bound for Osaka, Japan, lost a tire during takeoff that crashed down onto a car in an employee parking lot, and the plane had to divert to Los Angeles.

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Photo: Christian Lambert