A sideshow that may have been the culmination of several others that took place around the Bay Saturday night and into Sunday morning broke out around 3:15 am Sunday on the eastbound deck of the Bay Bridge, east of Treasure Island.

Video of the sideshow posted to X shows dozens if not over 100 spectators as cars did donuts and fireworks were being shot off the bridge. The account Bay Area State of Mind said that the sideshow blocked all eastbound traffic for 20 minutes.

About an hour earlier, a sideshow was reported on the Citizen app in Oakland, around the 4100 block of International Boulevard, involving around 70 vehicles and 200 spectators.

As KTVU reports, a second sideshow occurred in Oakland closer to 3 am near Alma Avenue and Oakland High School.

Earlier in the evening on Saturday, starting around 11 pm, there was also a string of sideshows on the Peninsula, beginning in Menlo Park. The group appeared to be on the move, and a second event last about 15 minutes near Coyote Hill and Page Mill roads just south of Stanford.

Another sideshow then broke out in Mountain View, at Middlefield Road and Bernardo Avenue. Video posted to social media from that sideshow, seen below, showed plenty of recklessness, with people hanging out of car windows while donuts were being spun, spectators leaping out of the way of cars.

There was also one reported injury at that sideshow, according to Mountain View police. A 20-year-old woman from Pittsburg reportedly suffered a broken ankle after being struck by a car.

The Mountain View Police Department reportedly broke up that sideshow, and it's not clear if participants from there drove north through San Francisco and started the sideshow on the Bay Bridge.

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