• A 52-year-old Oakland woman was charged with aggravated mayhem for an April 2 incident where she set another woman on fire in the Fairfax neighborhood. The suspect Angela Parks has ten previous felony charges, and in this case, allegedly escaped in a stolen vehicle. Meanwhile, the victim is reportedly in stable condition. [Bay Area News Group]
  • About 100 SF Public Library librarians held a protest Tuesday outside the Main Branch, calling for more security at the local branches. There is no regular security at 15 of the local SF library branches, and the librarians are calling for security at every branch as things get chaotic with homelessness and drug use issues. [Chronicle]
  • Trumper House of Representatives candidate Vince Fong has won his appeal that California candidates can run for two offices at the same time, as he’s currently running for both reelection to his state Assembly seat and Kevin McCarthy’s old seat in Congress. Oh, do Katie Porter and Barbara Lee wish this decision had come down prior to their primary election losses in the Senate race, as they both gave up their House seats to comply with this law. [SFGate]
  • A two-story house has been getting towed across the Bay on a barge for the last three days, and people are losing their minds over it, but there’s still little explanation  for why this is happening. [KRON4]
  • The drama over the Palace Hotel neon sign switching to LED won’t be resolved for at least another month, as the SF Historic Preservation Commission has delayed their decision on the matter yet again. [Examiner]
  • Former Style Council and The Jam frontman Paul Weller announced he’s playing two shows at the Fillmore in September, his first SF shows in seven years. [Consequence of Sound]

Image: @sflabor via Twitter