One alleged gang member of something called the “Fuck Everyone Gang” is in custody on charges of stealing $970,000 worth of merchandise, and police found him after he used his getaway vehicle in a music video.

KPIX posted a story Wednesday night about an alleged Oakland gang called the Fuck Everyone Gang, saying they’re “accused of burglarizing dozens of businesses across state.” Wait a minute, is there really a Fuck Everyone Gang, or is this just local TV news sensationalism looking for clicks?

Oh yes, there absolutely is an Oakland-based Fuck Everyone Gang. We can find references to this gang going back to a 2019 Bay Area News Group article where one of the gang’s members was sentenced for a fatal 2018 shooting at a Mike’s Mini Mart on MacArthur Boulevard. That article describes the Fuck Everyone Gang as a “subset of the ENT/YNIC gang in Oakland,” and it is relevant that the shooting happened at a convenience store.

The Bay Area News Group has a newer report this week that three members of the Fuck Everyone Gang are accused of stealing $970,000 worth of merchandise in 34 burglaries during a just two-month span. And there are enormous similarities between these robberies. The gang seemed to exclusively target high-end shops like Louis Vuitton, and corner convenience stores, at which they would only steal cases and cartons of cigarettes.

They hit Louis Vuitton stores in Walnut Creek and San Diego, and a reported 20 convenience stores in the Bay Area. Walnut Creek police detective Jenna Kolmeister started noticing similarities.

"The detective there at the task force was seeing all these cigarette store burglaries that were happening at night. The suspect vehicles were all the same," Kolmeister told KPIX. "It was the same thing every time. The same people every time, the same MO every time, the same vehicles every time."

But if you are going to use the same vehicle over for multiple thefts, it is probably best that you do not use that vehicle in your rap video, and then post said rap video to YouTube.

26-year-old Robert Lee Johnson is also the rapper above who goes by the name Big Paid. Investigators have used security video to allege that the very vehicle in this rap video was used to carry out many of the above-described robberies. Johnson is currently in custody, per the Bay Area News Group, on 30 charges of burglary and vandalism.

Oh, and at the time of the burglaries, he was apparently wearing the GPS ankle monitor courts had forced him to wear for previous charges.

Johnson is accused of having two accomplices in the crimes; 22-year-old Oakland man Alejandro McDonald (also seen in the above video), and Oakland resident Quinn Edwards. Both of those suspects remain at large.

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Image: Big Paid via Youtube