A drive to get the California DMV to produce a 49ers logo-license plate looks likely to be successful, and you might even be able to get yours free, but you’ll have to act fast.

Your San Francisco 49ers have been trying to get special California license plates branded with their logo for two years now, and the effort has been thus-far largely unsuccessful. The state DMV requires a minimum of 7,500 pre-paid orders to release a specialty license plate, and 49ers fans had only ordered 4,135 of them as of March 31, with a May 31 cut-off date.

So the 49ers ownership did what billionaire sports franchise-owning families should do in this situation. The Bay Area News Group reports that the DeBartolo-York family just plain bought up the remaining 3,365 plates to ensure the project meets its goal. And they’re giving those license plates for free to 49ers fans.

Though your chances of getting a free one are quickly slipping. The plates were initially offered to Levi’s Stadium season ticket holders, who snatched up close to half of the remaining supply of free ones. Though you can still order the license plates online (it’s only free if you use the promo code “faithful”), and even the free ones will still come with a $40 renewal fee each year. Also, personalized plates cannot be free and will cost $103.

If the freebies run out, the 49ers license plates will cost you $50, and still carry that $40 annual renewal fee.

The plates say “Faithful to State Parks” at the bottom, and are a fundraiser for the California Natural Resources Agency’s Outdoors for All program.

These will be the first-ever California license plates to feature a professional sports team logo. The Los Angeles Rams tried to get their own branded specialty plates, but barely mustered 1,000 orders, and the effort was canceled.

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Image: California Natural Resources Agency