• Keshon Wilson, 23, was convicted last week in a 2021 shooting at the 24th Street BART station that left one dead and another critically injured. The jury rejected his claim of self-defense. [Mission Local]
  • A man was arrested Sunday in Santa Clara County for impersonating a police officer, and during a traffic stop, sheriff's deputies found him wearing a fake police uniform, and he was in possession of two firearms, two batons, a "code 3" police light, and a bit of methamphetamine. [KRON4]
  • Tesla just announced layoffs, with 10% of the company's global workforce being cut amid rising competition in the electric car market, particularly from China. [Chronicle]
  • We're in for a dry weather week, with temperatures rising and feeling especially spring-y by Wednesday. [Chronicle]
  • A list of the 10 "most viral" restaurants, meaning they inspire the most posts on social media, includes two in the Bay Area: House of Prime Rib and The French Laundry. [KRON4]
  • Justice Clarence Thomas was absent from oral arguments at the Supreme Court this morning, and the court provided no explanation. [NBC News]
  • Donald Trump arrived in court this morning in Manhattan for the beginning of his sex-scandal hush-money trial. [Associated Press]

Photo: James Forbes