A cat survived a harrowing six-day journey in a cardboard box with some boots and was reunited with her family, who thought she had somehow escaped their home in Utah.

The cat's name is Galena, and she apparently likes to jump into cardboard boxes. She jumped into one oversized box and got sealed into it on or around April 10, which is when her family thought she had gone missing.

"She just mysteriously disappeared. We had no idea what happened to her," says Carrie Clark, speaking to the local news.

Clark and her husband Matt frantically searched their house, and they had friends and family help them search their Lehi, Utah neighborhood in the ensuing days, with no luck.

"We searched every nook and cranny in our home, neighborhood, Jordan River Trail, and neighborhoods surrounding us for a week," Clark said in a Facebook post.

Then, on April 17, as Salt Lake City NBC affiliate KSL reports, they got a phone call from Riverside, California. An Amazon employee named Brandy discovered Galena inside a box with steel-toed work boots, and the cat was then identified via microchip by a veterinarian, who called the Clarks.

The return box was part of a try-before-you-buy deal, and the Clarks realized they had mistakenly shipped their own cat off with the returned boots.

"After talking to the vet, I got to talk to Brandy on the phone!” Clark tells KSL. “She was so relieved to find out that we love Galena and were desperately looking for her.”

Amazon employee Brandy Hunter with Galena. Photo via Facebook

The cat was thin and had lost weight, and was dehydrated, but she was otherwise okay.

The couple flew to California to retrieve the cat, and Clark tells the station, "We brought Galena’s pink carrier, food, favorite treats, and towels that smelled like home. We couldn’t wait to see her again!"

Clark explained on Facebook, "After getting the vets approval and a game plan Matt, Galena, and I packed up the rental car and drove 10 hours together back to Utah."

There is video below of the Clarks being reunited with their cat at a vet's office in Riverside.