Remember that one lady in Pac Heights who gained unfortunate viral fame for confronting a man who wrote “Black Lives Matter” on his own property? She just went on Dr. Phil, and had a very sympathetic audience of concerned-looking white people.  

You likely remember the Bay Area’s summer of Karens in 2020, when many easily irked white people called the police on people of color who were not even doing anything illegal. Some previous years’ Karens transcended Karen-hood, and were bestowed other nicknames like Barbecue Becky and Permit Patty. But we pretty much stuck with the nickname Karen for LaFace skincare founder and Pacific Heights resident Lisa Alexander, who gained notoriety for a recorded incident where she berated a Filipino man, and called the police on him, for stenciling “Black Lives Matter” on his own property.

As a refresher, the video from that man James Juanillo is seen below.

Welp, after four years, Lisa Alexander has decided to speak out more publicly by going on Dr. Phil’s show, as the Chronicle first reported. Mind you, this is not the Dr. Phil show that has been massively popular on daytime TV for the last 20 years. (That show has ended, though KRON4 still airs syndicated reruns every day.) Instead, this is his newer show called Dr. Phil Primetime, which is carried on some sort of Christian TV channel called Trinity Broadcast Network, and on YouTube.

How softball-y was Dr. Phil’s treatment of Lisa Alexander? The segment starts with him saying, “Should someone be able to film you in public without your consent?” The full interview is below.

“My identity, my integrity, my personality and my career was completely stolen from me because someone else decided who I was and what I was saying,” Alexander said in the interview.

Admittedly, it likely seems true that Alexander has been on the receiving end of many threatening letters and phone calls. But some of her other claims in the interview seem to stretch the truth, or blame unrelated issues.

“In San Francisco in particular, there was a lot of violence,” during the summer of 2020, Alexander noted, as some sort of excuse. "There was a lot of smash-and-grabs, there was a lot of vandalism. And they had signs everywhere that said 'If you see something, say something.'"

Personally, I do not recall ever seeing such a sign anywhere in SF in 2020 — that was more of a post-9/11 thing. And Dr. Phil does not push back Alexander’s claim that James Juanillo did not actually live at the house, which has been very widely confirmed.

“I only saw the back of him, but he was doing some sort of artwork on a wall of my neighbor's house, John’s house,” she said. “And John is an elderly gentleman, and he’s lived there forever. I knew the person, that was, the back of the person was not John.”

For his part, Juanillo declined to appear on Dr. Phil Primetime, and he’s been on  something of a tear on Twitter/X criticizing the segment since it aired.

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Image: @jaimetoons via Twitter