A Fremont man was convicted of falsely imprisoning, assaulting, and robbing another man he met on the Grindr app after a planned sexual encounter in a San Francisco motel that was just a ruse for robbery.

The incident happened on September 15, 2022, and 27-year-old Ronald Anthony Silveria made contact with another man on Grindr, who was in San Francisco. The two agreed to meet at a motel in San Francisco, which SFGate reports was the Civic Center Motor Inn on 9th Street. Each man drove there in separate cars.

"After hanging out in the room for a while, Mr. Silveria pulled out a gun and tied the victim, who was naked, to the bed," prosecutors with the San Francisco District Attorney's Office explain in a release. "He then proceeded to go through the victim’s bags and electronics, hitting the victim and demanding passwords for bank apps."

Silveria then got the victim to agree to ride with him to an ATM and take out $400, with Silveria saying that he would let the man go if he complied. The victim got dressed, and Silveria demanded that he wipe down the motel room. Then the two drove to an ATM and the victim withdrew $400.

After this, it seems that Silveria was likely worried the victim would go to police immediately if he dropped the victim off. He refused to give the victim back his car keys, and he drove the victim across the Bay Bridge, dropping him off in Emeryville at 4:30 am without his cellphone, wallet, or keys.

Silveria also stole the victim's iPad.

As SFGate reports, the victim made his way to a nearby restaurant — I'm guessing the 24-hour Denny's — where a good Samaritan agreed to drive the victim back to his home in San Francisco. The victim then called police, and investigators were able to retrieve DNA evidence from the restraints in the motel room connecting back to Silveria.

A jury ultimately convicted Silveria of assaulting and robbing two men, prosecutors say — though details of the other case were not shared.

Silveria was convicted of first-degree robbery, false imprisonment by violence or menace, identity theft, and misdemeanor assault and false imprisonment.

"Mr. Silveria preyed on a man who was in a trusting, compromised, and vulnerable position,” said Assistant District Attorney Edward Mario in a statement. "I thank the victim for his bravery in testifying and re-living traumatic life events. This conviction ensures accountability for Mr. Silveria’s actions and provide a measure of justice for the victim."

DA Brooke Jenkins adds, "The jury’s verdict holds Mr. Silveria accountable for his despicable crimes. My office will always stand with victims of crime and work to ensure there are consequences for criminal behavior."

Silveria will face sentencing on May 22. He faces up to 12 years in state prison.

A similarly criminal Grindr encounter happened in the East Bay in January. A 20-year-old San Francisco man was arrested for trying to carjack his Grindr date (after they had sex), pulling a semi-automatic weapon on him, and shooting him.

The victim fought back, ended up getting shot in the leg, and then drove himself to a hospital in San Leandro.

Photo via Google Street View