A delicious dose of dirty politics in the SF mayor’s race, as some joker or troll bought the website MarkFarrellForMayor.com, and has dedicated the site to pointing out Farrell’s unflattering details and past ethical issues.

Given that moderate-leaning SF Mayor London Breed is facing two wealthy moderate opponents in former supervisor Mark Farrell and Levi Strauss heir Daniel Lurie, we expect to see some moderate-on-moderate attacks throughout the race. But few of them are likely to be as clever as one that Broke-Ass Stuart just discovered, which is that clearly some political enemy of Mark Farrell has bought the website ‘Mark Farrell for Mayor,’ and filled it with attacks on Mark Farrell’s history and record.  

Image via MarkFarrellForMayor.com

The website MarkFarrellForMayor.com appears to have been posted back in late March. (Farrell’s official website is MarkFarrell.com). The parody site features unflattering details like “In 2015, Farrell was fined $191,000 by the San Francisco Ethics Commission for violating campaign finance laws in his 2010 race for Supervisor,” and “In 2021, Farrell wrote a letter to the Napa Superior Court on ‘Mayor of San Francisco’ letterhead requesting leniency for his ‘close personal friend’ who was charged with Domestic Violence.”

It also shows a picture (seen above) of Farrell alongside disgraced former Public Works chief Mohammed Nuru, who is of course now in prison.

That Nuru photo is real, it’s from a 2018 tweet from SF Public Works. I was personally aware of that tweet, because I have a secret obsession with finding unflattering photos of Nuru on Twitter and using them in SFNews articles. I was sitting on that one and waiting for the right time to use it, and all I can say to whoever made the parody website is you beat me to it!

Whoever made the website is clearly a supporter of either Mayor Breed or Daniel Lurie. We can surmise this, because it contains attacks on progressive candidates. It declares “In 2014, Farrell endorsed Progressive David Campos in his unsuccessful campaign against David Chiu for Assembly,” as if supporting Campos was some sort of sin.

And the site is obviously not from mayoral opponent Aaron Peskin’s camp, as it says “In 2018, Farrell collaborated with Aaron Peskin to get himself appointed temporary Mayor, making it more likely Peskin’s chosen candidate would win the election for Mayor.” So “collaborated with Aaron Peskin” is a tell that the website creator does not particularly care for Peskin, either.

Screenshot via Google

And as Broke-Ass Stuart points out, the parody site is the top result on Google if you search “Mark Farrell for Mayor.” That said, if you just search “Mark Farrell,” Farrell's proper campaign site is the top result, and the parody site is the sixth link down in the search engine results.

Screenshot via GoDaddy

So who made the anti-Farrell parody website? That we do not know. The WHOis registry lookup for MarkFarrellForMayor.com shows it as registered to a generic Squarespace name and phone number, so this joker/troll covered their tracks pretty well.

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Image via MarkFarrellForMayor.com