The wealthy conservatives of the Bay Area who remain insane and greedy enough to want Trump back in the White House will get to gather at the Pacific Heights lair of one of Trump's biggest local champions, David Sacks in early June.

The invites have gone out for a June 6 fundraising event at the home of Sacks and his wife, clothing brand Saint Haven CEO Jacqueline Sacks. The couple are listed on the invite as "All-In co-hosts" along with Sri Lankan-born investor Chamath Palihapitiya. (David Sacks and Palihapitiya co-host the All-In podcast, along with another Elon Musk crony, Jason Calacanis.)

We've known for a few weeks now that Sacks was hosting a Trump fundraiser, but now we get some specifics. It's on June 6 with the time to be revealed upon RSVP, and the price to attend is $50,000, or $500,000 per couple if you would like to be on the "host committee."

Trump himself will reportedly be in attendance for the reception and dinner in Pacific Heights.

Sacks has been a supporter of various conservative candidates, including Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, and he was one of the biggest financial backers of the campaigns to recall former SF District Attorney Chesa Boudin, to recall three members of the SF school board, and to recall Gavin Newsom.

You can watch Sacks here on Tucker Carlson's former Fox News show celebrating the Boudin recall the day after it happened.

He penned an op-ed in October 2022 railing against the "woke-neocon alliance" that was in support of giving weapons to Ukraine in its war against Russia. And he launched his own podcast platform Callin in 2021, which features, as the New Republic puts it, "post-left, contrarian, or otherwise reactionary libertarian types such as Jesse Singal, Jimmy Dore, Glenn Greenwald, Michael Tracey, Briahna Joy Gray, and Matt Taibbi."

Sacks falls in the category of tech wealthy who have aligned themselves with Trump and other conservatives because they agree wholeheartedly that liberal politics have destroyed California, San Francisco specifically, and American cities in general. "In the eyes of rich techies who have seen their beloved metropolis fall into decay, vast inequality, and social misery, the state [of California] is dead," Jacob Silverman writes in the New Republic. "Their disappointment and alienation has melded with traditional Republican disgust toward liberal cities (and their non-white residents) to paint a picture of irredeemable urban squalor."

The last Trump fundraiser in San Francisco was in July 2019, and that was co-hosted by socialite and philanthropist Dede Wilsey. Trump himself didn't show up, but he did show up for a fundraiser a couple months later in Portola Valley, where protesters inflated a giant Baby Trump balloon.

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Photo: Michael Vadon/Wikimedia