It’s not new news that RFK Jr.’s vice-presidential pick Nicole Shanahan is wealthy because of her gargantuan divorce settlement from Google co-founder Sergey Brin, but the NY Times dug into her past to find “cocaine, ketamine and psychedelic mushrooms” use, and an affair with Elon Musk.

When born-rich, anti-vaccine whackjob Robery F. Kennedy, Jr chose Silicon Valley lawyer Nicole Shanahan as his running mate for his presidential campaign two months ago, the little-known Shanahan was described in the press as a “philanthropist.” That’s generally a term used for people who are wealthy because of someone else’s money. Though yes, Shanahan did found something called the Bia-Echo Foundation, which claims to have handed out $100 million, but has never really been in the news much.

And Shanahan herself has not really been vetted by the media, either. But that’s happening now. It’s pretty clear that Kennedy chose Shanahan because she has so much money to burn on his campaign. But the New York Times just did some digging into Shanahan’s background, and reports that her fortune is largely from her $1 billion divorce settlement from Google co-founder Sergey Brin, with whom she had an affair, then married, and later divorced. And oh, these details on why the two divorced...

"During their five-year marriage, Ms. Shanahan partied with Silicon Valley’s elite and used recreational drugs including cocaine, ketamine and psychedelic mushrooms, according to eight people and documents reviewed by The New York Times,” that outlet reports. “Ms. Shanahan and Mr. Brin separated after she had a sexual encounter with Elon Musk in 2021, three of the people said.”

When asked for comment, Shanahan told the Times, “I’m shocked the NYT is letting you run something like this.” Kennedy's campaign did not comment, nor did Musk or his attorney. And while Shanahan publicly denies the Elon Musk affair, it was previously reported nearly two years ago by the Wall Street Journal.

The Times also has the interesting note that the RFK Jr campaign “picked Ms. Shanahan without his advisers having looked fully into her history or where her money was coming from.” So there may be more stories about the skeletons in her closet coming in future months.

But if RFK Jr picked Shanahan for her fortune to tap, he’s getting his (or her) money’s worth. The Times notes that between the $4 million Super Bowl ad for his campaign and other donations, Shanahan has now contributed at least $14 million to his campaign and campaign political action committees.

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Image: AUSTIN, TEXAS - MAY 13: Independent Vice Presidential running mate, Nicole Shanahan speaks to attendees during a campaign rally at Brazos Hall on May 13, 2024 in Austin, Texas. Independent Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and his running mate Nicole Shanahan, a Silicon Valley millionaire, rallied with supporters as they continue campaigning across the country for presidency ahead of the November 5, 2024 general election. (Photo by Brandon Bell/Getty Images)