• Cal Fire has been conducting its largest nighttime training exercise to date over the last week, and they continued Monday night. The exercises are happening north of Sacramento, and involve helicopter training and the use of night-vision goggles to fight fires after dark. [KPIX]
  • A self-described advocacy journalist and documentary filmmaker, Lauren Windsor, posed as a Catholic conservative and secretly recorded Supreme Court Justices Samuel Alito and John Roberts at a recent black-tie event in D.C. Alito wholeheartedly agreed with Windsor when she said we needed to return to being "a nation of godliness," while Roberts pushed back on the idea that the court had a role to play in religious morals. [New York Times]
  • Windsor also button-holed Martha-Ann Alito, the justice's wife, who was recently center stage in the flag controversy. Mrs. Alito said some weird stuff, including talking about her disgust with a Pride flag being flown near the couple's beach home; she also expressed disdain for the media. [New York Times]
  • Today is the day lawyers for Elizabeth Holmes will bring her appeal to the Ninth Circuit. A legal expert suggests that Holmes's co-conspirator Sunny Balwani likely has more to win on appeal than she does. [NBC Bay Area]
  • An East Oakland homeowner appears to have shot and killed a robbery suspect Monday night in the area of 98th Avenue and Burr Street, near the Oakland Zoo; police have not yet confirmed the incident. [KTVU]
  • San Mateo County officials are hosting fireworks buyback events, in the hopes of removing some illegal fireworks from the streets ahead of July 4th. [ABC 7]
  • Six people and a dog required rescue over the weekend when their boat caught fire on Lake Tahoe, near the Cedar Flat area at the north end of the lake. [KTVU]
  • The Chronicle asked readers how they feel about added fees on restaurant checks and whether they should be banned, and the answers were a predictably mixed bag. [Chronicle]

Photo: Jesse Collins